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Fimatix help the UK Government deliver digital services

We help banks become IT companies and IT companies become banks.

We help the UK Government deliver Digital Services.

Fimatix is a leading Financial Services Consultancy. We build banks and e-money fintech challengers from scratch and have been through the regulatory process with the FCA and PRA. We know what it takes to disrupt in this sector, and how to take advantage of regulations including PSD2 with all its possibilities or threats.

We also offer unique products and services in automation in financial services operations. We have world first expertise in delivering Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain plus extensive agile software delivery, AI and Cloud in leading global financial services companies.

The successful merger with Agilesphere adds extensive experience and expertise in strategy, coaching and delivery obtained within the UK Governments world's leading digital transformation programmes.

Challenge. There is no challenge.

Challenger Bank

Challenger Banks

We don’t just tell you how to build a bank; we do it with you, from the regulatory documentation, business case, process, RFI/RFP of a solution, building the core bank through to every aspect of authorisation and mobilisation.

Banking isn’t our only expertise, though. Fimatix provide expert guidance from Open Banking practitioners on API integration strategy, PSD2 and e-money opportunities.


Whilst the debate on whether cloud is safe and secure is largely over, the problem of migration, costs and vendor lock in remain. We implement multi-vendor solutions that provide reverse auction capability where you are put in control of your platform and infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence

Fimatix will help you understand the opportunities and provide solutions in AI including Neural Networks, Machine and Deep Learning. We work with leading global financial services companies to help them implement solutions that work.

Agile Software, Project Delivery & IT Consulting

IT delivery is at the heart of what Fimatix does. We deliver complex IT projects for global financial services companies. We own some or all of your IT project/programme and provide expertise in agile software project management, engineering, architecture and testing.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain

Our team has researched and delivered in all areas of the blockchain realm. Hyperledger, Ethereum, Tangle… we have mastered the whole supply chain from developing to delivering the solution.

Fimatix provides delivery expertise in DLT and Blockchain. We have implemented the world’s first operational blockchain solution in a leading UK Asset Management company which provides global fund administration capability of the retail and wholesale markets.

Government Digital Transformation

Our team is engaged at all levels of digital transformation delivery across a number of UK Government departments. Leading with management team coaching and strategy development through setting up digital transformation delivery programmes for success to key roles in delivery our team has the expertise.

Fimatix takes pride in their role enabling successful deliveries of digital transformation with the UK Government.


Stephen O'Sullivan

Stephen O'Sullivan


Stephen worked at Accenture for 17 years, where he drove the set-up of IT outsourcing in Capital Markets, led the acquisition of new FS clients and ran the UK Risk Management business. He then joined Capco to lead the transformation of the business into a Financial Infrastructure player. At Capco, he drove the value- creation strategy, including new high-growth offerings in ChangeSourcing; brought on new clients in Banking, Insurance and Wealth Management and drove the acquisition of Platform Securities, a Wealth Management outsourcing business.

Paul James

Paul James


Paul has worked in technology strategy and COO positions at BNP, Merrill Lynch, Instinet, HSBC and Matrix, before going on to co-found Calastone, a start- up which has fully automated order management process for Wealth Managers and Fund Managers. More recently, he advised on the set-up of challenger bank Starling, and Time Machine Capital, which specialises in advising and raising funds for Artificial Intelligence and Fintech.


Executive Team

Tim Howarth

Tim Howarth

Managing Director Private Sector

Specialties: Governance, regulatory compliance, banking, insurance, asset management, regulatory risk management, consulting, strategy, risk appetite, conduct risk, prudential compliance, integration, governance reviews, SYSC, Compliance functions, regulatory reporting.

Jeremy Renwick

Jeremy Renwick

Managing Director Public Sector

Jeremy Renwick is a visionary digital transformation authority. He’s helped the UK government transition to be one of the most effective public organisations to embrace the benefits of tech.

Jeremy combines agile philosophy with his pioneering vision of the future of work. He’s a regular speaker at national conferences on his unique concept ‘Adaptive Organisation’ which outlines how business and government should structure themselves most effectively in the increasingly digital world, while helping people realise their full potential.

Hugh Ivory

Hugh Ivory

Managing Director Business Ops and Governance

Hugh Ivory has deep experience working with delivery teams and senior leadership to develop innovative approaches to change management, portfolio governance and service delivery.

His focus is delivering real business value, with the ultimate objective of creating agile and adaptive organisations.

In addition to client delivery, Hugh has executive responsibility for Business Operations and Corporate Governance.

Jesper Ronald

Jesper Ronald

Managing Director Corporate Development

Corporate Development, M&A, Governance & Risk.

30+ years of Executive roles in Corporate & Investment banking.

Serves as Board Member, Chairman and Strategic advisor to: Financial Institutions, SMEs, Property, MedTech and FinTech.

Partner, Advisor & Investor in Venture Funds.

Graduated from CBS, IMD, Stanford.


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